Classic print advertisements

Classic Omega Seamaster advertisement, jpg, 358.43 KB, Jun 09 2007
Seals out water...Seals in Accuracy
Classic Omega Seamaster advertisement II, jpg, 363.71 KB, Jun 09 2007
Perfect time ahead..for men of action
Classic Omega Constellation advertisment, jpg, 368.25 KB, Jun 09 2007
For men who Measures Distances in time
Classic Omega Globemaster advertisement, jpg, 228.77 KB, May 29 2008
For Distinguished Service
Omega Time Computer LED watches advertisement, jpg, 70.98 KB, Jun 09 2007
Advertisement in French glossy
Classic Omega Marine advertisement, jpg, 37.68 KB, Sep 17 2008
Montre étanche
Classic Omega Globemaster chronometer advertisement, jpg, 557.97 KB, Sep 02 2008
The watch that took 107 years to make
Classic Omega Seamaster Calendar Watch advertisement, jpg, 676.67 KB, Sep 17 2008
Anyone who travels will appreciate the ultra precise accuracy of Omega